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It was anything

It was anything and performed it for a part-time job from morning on a part-time day and started learning of the work after return. Despite a part-time job, it is not a thing easy as expected. I tend to be troublesome than I thought that I am in the spot. There is the place where it is hard I am tired and return, and to learn the work, but sleeps unless I do it.

The learning of the work takes time with a thing such as the lifework for me in intervals such as the housework. I break it and lend it, and it is the condition that it studies comfortably. I looked at a book leisurely today and acquired content. I killed time to see television and a magazine before, but it is the thing which is good mentally because I feel which spends time with the contents when I learn the work.

Then I think whether I will arrange the thing which is still left. A dream improves when I drink hot milk before going to bed. Both the body and the heart are refreshed and think that I will be fired up for learning of the work more tomorrow.


18.10.07 18:00

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